Jewish tech-y in training (Welcome future employer!)

If you are reading this post, there’s a good chance that you’re a prospective employer. Welcome to my bloggy playground! I’m hard at work diving into the world of PHP, MySQL and Java with this book, which I bought using the remaining balance on a gift card from a previous employer. Down the road, I hope to add XML and HTML5 (all the cool kids are doing it) to my language repertoire.

Last week, I attended a conference on technology and Jewish education convened by the Lippman Kanfer Institute (find the twitter convo here: #je3conf). What’s my big takeaway from this conference? There is a MASSIVE gap between the technical literacy of Jewish philanthropists and the vision of Jewish developers who work tirelessly to create cutting-edge educational platforms like Open Siddur,, and Media Midrash.

This book represents my attempt to bridge the gap. I’m a fast learner, and I love languages. Heck, I love communicating (blame my sociable Brooklyn Jewish mother). I’m confident that my passion for marketing Jewish endeavors (see Bible Raps, JTA) will be well-served by this “upgrade.”

So please excuse any mess you may encounter during maintenance, and look forward to a shiny new very soon :-)


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